The Genesis Of The ACM Multimedia Conference And Its Achievements

ACM Multimedia Conference is an international multimedia annual meeting where scientists and practitioners display innovative and scientific achievements in multimedia products and applications. The conference started in 1993 in Anaheim, California in the USA and has been taking place ever since on annual basis up to date. The conference was started and initiated by ACM SIGMM, a special interest group that focuses on multimedia computing from theories to practices, underlying technologies to applications as well as the general multimedia networks, servers, and devices. SIGMM are also the first and the main sponsors of the ACM annual conferences.

ACM Multimedia conferences have been of great significance for the multimedia industry and have seen some of the great computing innovations in the multimedia industry year after year through competitive programs in the annual conferences. The conferences have awards in several categories that seek to improve or innovate scientific applications in the multimedia industry. These awards cover such areas as accessible computing, algorithms and computation theory, and programming languages, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, data communication, design of communication, computer science education, and electronic commerce.


The recipients of these awards are both multimedia students and professionals and their achievements in emerging top candidates in their respective categories have enabled more specialists to focus more on coming up with brilliant ideas to improve the multimedia industry. Another achievement of the ACM Multimedia conference is the appreciation by more and more scientific specialists and giant companies such as HP, Yahoo, and Nokia supporting the conference and drawing more innovators to the event.

Additionally, ACM Multimedia has made major milestones in some of the major issues affecting the multimedia industry such as legal, privacy, and the general multimedia matters affecting the effectiveness of the multimedia industry. The rising number of members in SIGMM in the last few years is another significant achievement of the ACM Multimedia conferences as well.

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