For tour fanatics, Amsterdam is truly a place to be and for those attending 2016’s ACM Media Conference, you are in for more surprises. It is obvious that the astounding appearance of nature is the main reason population in Amsterdam will continue growing. Canals, artistic works, thousands of monumental buildings, and cultural treasures are just a few things that make the city one of the best places to visit. But you can’t just take my word for it. Here are some of the reasons, any person attending the ACM Media Conference might have a hard time leaving the place.


If you didn’t know it, Amsterdam became one of the largest centers for art and trade attracting more than enough investments. The canal ring which was one of the attractions in the 17th century has remained intact and beautiful to this day. The area is not only a haven for an open-air museum but functions best as a place to create energy. It is friendly and most importantly, located at the center of the city.


One of the things that make the Netherland a place to be is the fact that it perfectly combines culture and creativity. There are some works to admire that dates back to the 17th century such as the Vermeer grace the walls of Rijksmuseum and Dutch Masters Rembrandt. You will also come across the Stedelijk Museum, which is also known for modern and contemporary art.


There are over 30 festivals to enjoy each year. For example, the Holland Festival is known to offer the best when it comes to opera, theatre and ballet; the grachten festival that offers classical music on floating grounds and more. You also get a chance to join Amsterdam Ajax fans at the Amsterdam Arena Stadium and enjoy all the football matches.


Amsterdam is known for its cultural diversity. There are up to 174 different cultures. It is also a place where peace, love, and unity are valued principles. It is known for various artworks and performances offered by people with different cultural backgrounds who are friendly, cosmopolitan by nature, and lastly, tolerant.


Amsterdam gets all the credits for being the best when it comes to nightclubs, cafes, and a plethora of bars. The atmosphere is welcoming with cafes that have preserved the 18th century’s beauty. You will also find grand cafes, sleek lounge bars, and more. If you are a music fanatic, then you have a chance to experience what some of the world’s top DJs have to offer. In Amsterdam. You will find everything you are looking for. 


This is one of the places where beautiful scenery makes one of the top achievements. You will come to open museums with a lot to see, fishing villages, windmills and more. For spring fanatics, the area offers astounding bulb fields to visit, the world most photographed locations to take pictures, and more.

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