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2016 ACM Multimedia Conference’s Submissions

ACM Multimedia Conference brings together practitioners and multimedia professionals across every industry and academia. We have to give all the credits to the people behind 2016’s arrangements. From choosing the location and time. We can say they were well aware of the important factors. This year’s conference will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands at a place called Theatre, Tuschinski from 15th October to 19th October. There is a lot to expect from this year’s conference. Experts with something to share […]

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ACM Multimedia 2016 Conference Venue

The venue of the much awaited ACM Multimedia Conference on 15th to 19th October 2016 will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The historic city of Amsterdam thrived in the 17th century, becoming the world’s major center for trade as well as art and is rich in history with lively and friendly local community. The city boasts of several canals and bridges and is an exciting destination for tourists and sightseeing for the locals as well. The main reasons why Amsterdam […]

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ACM Media conference is not only a meeting where specialists discuss obvious factors affecting the industry. It is a place where potential threats to the industry are realized. The organizers have an idea that each and every specialist has an opinion and expect more surprises. Anyone attending the conference is expected to deliver his thoughts on the existing problems with an aim of coming up with solutions. The core objectives of ACM Multimedia conference will be to nurture and improve […]

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