2016 ACM Multimedia Conference’s Submissions

ACM Multimedia Conference brings together practitioners and multimedia professionals across every industry and academia. We have to give all the credits to the people behind 2016’s arrangements. From choosing the location and time. We can say they were well aware of the important factors. This year’s conference will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands at a place called Theatre, Tuschinski from 15th October to 19th October.

There is a lot to expect from this year’s conference. Experts with something to share have more than enough chance to share what they have in full papers. Most of the topics to be discussed will entail discussions of problems that affect anything related to multimedia and how to solve them theoretically and algorithmically. There is also a call for short papers that will present ideas that challenge a normal mind and reliable results related to the ideas. Submissions will cover four themes that include, systems, engagement and finally, Understanding. Here is a brief overview of what each of the themes means.

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  1. Systems: This area deals with explanations of the beneficial factors that exists between developing practical techniques, resource requirements and more. The theme targets four topic areas that are, Multimedia transport and delivery, systems and middleware, virtual reality and telepresence, management and scalability and finally, mobile multimedia.
  2. Experience: This theme will cover innovative exploitation of multimedia to improve user experience, how the experience is manifested in the domains and more. The topics that will be covered here are, Multimedia HCI and Experience quality, Multimedia for educational and distributed environment collaboration, Entertainment, culture, and multimedia art, Multimedia Audio, music and speech processing and more.
  3. Engagement: Here the relationship between the multimedia and the society will be critically examined. The theme will also try to find out how best the multimedia can be exploited with an aim of connecting those that have multimedia artifacts meeting their needs in diverse contexts. Topics to be discussed here will include, Emotional and social signals, social multimedia and lastly, multimedia search and recommendation.
  4. Understanding: The theme will aim to extract the meaning as well as the understanding of the world known for surprising results. The topics to be discussed will include, deep learning for multimedia, Multimodal analysis and description and lastly, multimedia and vision.


All the submissions should not be between 8 to 10 pages and formatted according to ACM proceedings style.

Don’t put your names under the main title

Don’t refer to previous works and links.

Remove any information on the author if there is in the acknowledgements and more.

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