ACM Media conference is not only a meeting where specialists discuss obvious factors affecting the industry. It is a place where potential threats to the industry are realized. The organizers have an idea that each and every specialist has an opinion and expect more surprises. Anyone attending the conference is expected to deliver his thoughts on the existing problems with an aim of coming up with solutions.

The core objectives of ACM Multimedia conference will be to nurture and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the multimedia industry. The conference seeks to achieve these objectives through tutorials, demonstrations, presentations (both oral and print), exhibitions and workshops. The conference also involves competitive undertakings between research teams on puzzling multimedia problems. There are also interactive programs by computer specialists and multimedia professionals to enhance and discover better artistic communication in the multimedia industry.


The conference covers the general multimedia applications through the underlying technologies, theories, practices and devices, servers as well as networks. Additionally, ACM Multimedia workshops covers the challenges that faces the multimedia industry such as legal issues, privacy concerns, general multimedia organization matters, capture and retrieval issues. The workshops also seeks to unravel these challenges and issues in continuous archival and retrieval of the general multimedia applications relating to personal experiences. Normally, high-level multimedia specialists and computing scientists are invited as guest speakers and one of the most notable experts is Gordon Bell, an engineer and entrepreneur who have also worked with Microsoft as a consultant and researcher.

ACM Multimedia through its open source competition seeks to come up with a more advanced and excellent computer programs by rewarding the teams with the best programs annually. These innovative computer programs are meant to enhance the multimedia applications and retrieval with also an objective of encouraging experts in multimedia industry and academia to enrich and upgrade the existing multimedia applications. Some of the winning computer programs includes a ‘Fast and Scalable Structure-from-Motion Library’ in 2015 that was created by Chris Sweeney, Matthew Turk and Tobias Hollerer.

ACM Multimedia Conferences objectives has continued to enhance the multimedia industry and there is a lot of expectations in the coming 2016 ACM Multimedia conference that will be held in the Dutch city of Amsterdam.

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